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February 6, 2017

The heart behind Megan Jeanine

If you are reading this, you probably knew me from my previous business name of Life In Perspective Photography.

Waterloo Ontario, Kitchener Ontario, Guelph Ontario

Waterloo Ontario Wedding Photographer

When I started photography 5 and half years ago I wanted a name that represented the heart of my business; to help those I come in contact with understand and realize that life is so much more than the to do list but that it is about the relationships we have with those we love. My aim was to help you keep your ‘life in perspective’ by showing you, through photographs, the value of those relationships.

I have realized, that while this name served me well, it was time the business grew along with me. I wanted not only the heart behind the business to shine brighter but that you knew the person who the heart belonged to so I can better connect with and serve my clients well.
Which is why Life in Perspective Photography has become Megan Jeanine.

Over these years I have found that through the storms and trials life will inevitably brings us that there is still so much BEAUTY to be found.
I know that this one life we have is so very short and it is my  hope that we can create a space for unhurried moments of connection which serve to remind you that you are deeply loved.

Thank you for all the support that has been shown to me during these first 5 years of business and I can not wait to see what the next 5 years will hold with this new name and renewed focus.

With Love,


Big thank you goes to Sara of for the beautiful new logo and to Kathryn of for helping me refine my focus.

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